More Halloween Fun in Arlington

Everyone liked the photos so much yesterday that I took a few more neighborhood photos and videos this morning. These are from the Overlee Knolls and Westover neighborhoods of Arlington. If you would like your neighborhood represented, you can always email a photo or two with your neighborhood listed to I’ll post it here. Nothing obscene or really, really gross. Just gross is ok though.

And…just in case you thought there was no real estate perspective here….my personal observation after being a realtor in this area for thirteen (lucky number ?) years is that when people spend time and money on holiday decorations, they are feeling good about the economy and their personal finances which are both good indicators of the direction of the real estate market. Your home is probably worth more then you think. If you want to know, call me at 571-228-5656 or email Consultation is always free (what’s better then that?). No trick, just treat.





Here’s one for Edvard Munch Fans. 



Something for everyone including those on Gluten Free diets. 



Having just seen the Peculiar Children movie, this is a personal favorite

I love Halloween in Arlington, Va. Check out these decorations.

Who doesn’t love Halloween Decorations. There’s the Scary and the Spooky and even the Kooky.  Here are a few photos and a video that I took on my walk around the Westover/Overlee Knolls neighborhood in Arlington, Va. this morning. Boo!


I thought this one was particularly creative. Sccreaming Skeleton covered with spiderwebs and spiders tied to the bushes.


This one made Teddy the Dog Bark. I give it an 8 out of 10 on the Creepy Scale.

Here’s Teddy checking out the flying cat and wondering if it takes off, will he catch it. I’m sure he’d give it a try.


Yes, this is a pigwitch. Yes, it’s on my porch. Happy Halloween!


Post your photos in the comments if you like or email them to me at and I’ll post them here. Boo!

I love free stuff. Bike to work day in Arlington

Today is Bike to Work Day all over the USA. Washington, DC and Arlington, Va are two of the more bike friendly areas I’ve travelled to. Happy to be living here. Great trails and bike lanes and so many people bike that drivers do look out for bikers. I registered for Bike to Work Day with my home stop being the East Falls Church Metro. I live about 1/4 mile walk and 1 mile bike ride (if I take the trails instead of the road. I went over to pick up my T-shirt and to my delight also got a new water bottle. And then…..I registered my bike with the Arlington County police and look what I got…..for Free!  Been thinking about getting one of these since I’m riding in DC more and I’ve seen thieves just snip the cable type lock I usually use. And now I have one…..for Free! I’m pretty sure that even if you haven’t registered if you head over to one of the Arlington stops and register your bike you’ll get yourself a lock. woohoo! Life is good. IMG_6549

What is that in the sky

It looks familiar but it isn’t something I’ve seen in the morning sky for a very, very long time. Could it be? Could it be? Maybe it is. The Sun, the Sun!!!!!! And it’s Bike to work day in Arlington, Va and the rest of the USA.  Go get ’em. IMG_6547

My Check in for #BTWD2016 is the East Falls Church Metro. Where’s yours? And…yes, that’s a dinosaur bell/horn on my bike. Don’t judge. 🙂


Free Peeps at the Westover Farmers Market in Arlington


WFM newsletter ad image

Many of you know that I am one of the original sponsors for our local Westover Farmer Market in Arlington, Va., and this is my third year as a sponsor. The market is a great service to the community and I am proud to be associated with it. All of the vendors come from within a 125 mile radius so when they say the produce is fresh and local…they mean it. It’s located at the intersection of Mckinley and Washington Blvd.

It’s a slow day with the cold weather but stop by and see some of great vendors including bakeries, produce and Number One Son’s pickled products (you must try the Kim Chee…seriously, it’s my favorite…just don’t breathe on anyone afterwards. The garlic is intense, yum).

Please stop by the Sponsors booth where you can pick up a package of free Peeps courtesy of me!  The man in the photo is Robert Swenson who is the markets Marketing Manager and the two ladies are volunteers and from Yorktown High. Stop by and say hello and thank them for manning the booth on this cold spring morning. Happy Peep-ing.



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Free Peeps! And..a great N. Arlington Open House


3205 N. Pershing Dr. Arlington, Va. Just .7 from the Clarendon Metro. Come see this terrific home on Sunday March 20th from 1-4. This classic 1929 Bungalow has been updated with all of today’s modern conveniences. The home features large rooms, big windows and all of that beautiful moulding that we love in these classic homes.


The home features 2 bedrooms on the main level, 3 upstairs and and a fifth room downstairs (window is too small to call it a bedroom).


Sink and fridge on lower level too. The lower level has a separate entrance as well. Expansive….and I mean expansive back yard. This home features a fenced lot that is almost 16000 Sq. Ft….and it’s a flat lot. Imagine the possibilities.

This home is listed at $1,199,000 and is only .7 miles to the Clarendon Metro.  Call me to see it before Sunday (You’ll get a Peep advance as well) 571-228-5656 or email me at Click Subscribe above to stay up to date on all the local real estate news and free Peep (and other things) giveaways.


Snow Priority List for Arlington, Va or Snowzilla…the Aftermath

If you would like to know if your street will be plowed anytime soon, follow this link….but only if you can deal with the reality. Otherwise, just make yourself another cup of tea (feel free to substitute any of the following: coffee/hot buttered rum/hot or cold wine/hot chocolate…with or without some added fortification…and no I didn’t mean marshmallows but feel free to improvise) and snuggle in for the duration.


Put in your street address and it will tell you if your street is VDOT maintained, is a primary route, secondary route or no route for the county. It’s gonna be awhile for me.

My cul-de-sac is not even on the list. 😦  But it’s a beautiful day for a little shoveling and no, if you were wondering, that big lump is not a snow drift…’s my car. Sigh. IMG_6076

How to shovel snow…and not hurt yourself

Ok, we’re just not that young anymore. Ok, even if you are, you haven’t seen a snow like this here…ever. A couple of feet and still snowing.

Here is a very timely video from my good friend and physical therapist Gabrielle Czaja. Watch this video and maybe you can avoid spending some quality time with her later on. The video was taken in front of my house and I’ve added a photo so you can see what it looked like 24 hours later.




Just a few hours later…my front walk


And I flexed to scoop. Still snowing though.

Bid on this Impeccable home in the heart of Washington DC

Bidding on this terrific historic home in the heart of Washington, DC starts at $1.00 with no reserve. Unlike many historic homes in our area George Washington did not actually sleep here. However, he was involved in the original plans for this home. This home has only had one owner but has been occupied by multiple tenants over the years.

This home boasts 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, and 6 levels in the Residence. There are also 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases, and 3 elevators. It’s hard to find a home this spacious in the heart of the city. Do you love to entertain. The dining room can accomodate up to 140 guests.

Additional amenities include a basketball court:

A tennis court:

A media room:

And even a bowling alley:

Here is an photo of this incredible home. Hurry….this will go quick!

April fools from Your Arlington Home Pro!

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Jane Jensen