I love free stuff. Bike to work day in Arlington

Today is Bike to Work Day all over the USA. Washington, DC and Arlington, Va are two of the more bike friendly areas I’ve travelled to. Happy to be living here. Great trails and bike lanes and so many people bike that drivers do look out for bikers. I registered for Bike to Work Day with my home stop being the East Falls Church Metro. I live about 1/4 mile walk and 1 mile bike ride (if I take the trails instead of the road. I went over to pick up my T-shirt and to my delight also got a new water bottle. And then…..I registered my bike with the Arlington County police and look what I got…..for Free!  Been thinking about getting one of these since I’m riding in DC more and I’ve seen thieves just snip the cable type lock I usually use. And now I have one…..for Free! I’m pretty sure that even if you haven’t registered if you head over to one of the Arlington stops and register your bike you’ll get yourself a lock. woohoo! Life is good. IMG_6549

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