Don’t miss this Art Exhibit at the Arlington, Va County Library

One of the many great community offerings of Arlington County, Va is the library system. I’ve previously posted locations and hours. Just so you know I do actually use the library, I was there to drop off a book yesterday and was astounded by the incredible artwork being produced by the county’s 7th-12th graders. On display is artwork that is part of a juried art show. The show has not “officially” begun but the artwork is up. I did not have alot of time but I am going to go back and look again. There is so much talent in our young folk. I snapped a photo of the show poster and a couple of the boards displaying the works. The address is 1015 N.Quincy Arlington, Va. It’s the central (main) library.


It’s so important to foster this type of talent. So happy that our system encourages and supports the Arts.

As a side note, I was returning The Goldfinch, a Pulitzer Prize winner. Thoroughly engrossing and engaging. It’s long but worth every paragraph. I can highly recommend it if you are interested in character development, philosophical questions of good and bad, art and how it effects us. A really great read.

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