Arlington, Va drivers beware! New red light safety cameras to be installed

This just in from the Arlington County Police Department:

ARLINGTON, VA – More red-light safety cameras will be installed at Arlington County intersections in the near future, providing 24-hour enforcement technology to chosen intersections. The additions involve seven cameras at five locations. Construction is expected to start at the intersection of Columbia Pike and George Mason Drive. Cameras will be installed at the following intersections:

  • Eastbound on Columbia Pike at S. Glebe Road
  • Westbound on Columbia Pike at S. Glebe Road
  • Eastbound on Columbia Pike at S. George Mason Drive
  • Northbound on N Glebe Road. at Washington Boulevard
  • Westbound on Lee Highway at N. George Mason Drive
  • Northbound on 23rd Street N. at US Route 1
  • Southbound on 23rd Street N. at US Route 1

There will be a 30 day “grace period” where warnings will be issued before the cameras go live. After the 30 day warning period, red light violators will be issued a $50 civil fine, which is similar to a parking citation and will not be added to the offender’s driving record.

The intersections are chosen based on state code 15.2-968.1 and consider the following factors:

  • Accident rate
  • Red light violation rate
  • Ability of police to apprehend violators safely within a reasonable distance from the violation
  • Pedestrian safety

Red-light safety cameras operate seven days a week and capture images of vehicles from the rear when drivers run a red light at an intersection. All violations are issued after police review of photographic and video evidence. Like other traffic violations, photo red-light violations can be challenged.

In June of 2010, cameras were installed at N. Glebe Road and N. Fairfax Drive; N. Lynn Street and eastbound Lee Highway; Washington Boulevard and Lee Highway; and Fort Meyers Drive and westbound Lee Highway. Since their installation, 34,761 citations have been issued through Dec 31, 2014. Ninety-seven percent of violators do not receive a second violation.

Arlington County contracts with American Traffic Solutions (ATS) as its red-light safety camera vendor.

Visit the Police Department website for more information on the program.

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