Awesome Deal on Patio Furniture cushions in Alexandria, Va.

I just wanted to share this awesome deal (I think) that I got on outdoor Patio Cushions. The ones on my screened porch furniture were really old and really rough so I started looking for replacement cushions. Mine were large so I needed what they call deep seating cushions. They are VERY EXPENSIVE. Each cushion (back or seat) ranged in price from $69-$200…..EACH. Eight cushions could have set me back almost as much as I paid for the whole furniture set of two chairs and sofa. I found these cushions at Lowe’s in Alexandria for $49.98 for a set of the seat AND back cushion…..I know…right. I couldn’t believe it, and they have lots of different colors and styles. Here’s a link to website where I found them.

I did go to the store to pick them up and they had to get boxes down from the top shelves for me to get my needed 4 sets of two cushions.

If you are looking for replacement patio cushions, and you are in Northern Virginia, I would definitely check them out.

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