Teddy Recommends Dog Training

Teddy recently completed Dog Obedience Training. Ok, here’s the real truth…it’s dog owner obedience training. We must be trained to be dog owners, not dog pals or the human pets of our dogs. Sigh. It’s just so hard. Teddy is a rescue who has some “stranger danger” issues. He is an unbelieveably easy dog to train though and when “I’m the boss, alot of his “issues” go away because he doesn’t feel like he has to protect or manage a situation. Not to brag..but at one point the instructor asked Teddy..ok, he asked me to stop showing off. Teddy was a star. I swear if I tell him to stay, I could go away for the weekend and he’ll be in the same spot when I get back. Not going to test that hypothesis though. That would be cruel, and look at that face. Seriously, look at it. It’s hard to remember to “Be the Boss”. I’ll be the one that will need retraining. img_7182Teddy and I both recommend this trainer. Here’s a copy of his flyer. There is a link to the website. http://www.dogsolve.com. I would recommend calling them and finding out when the next class starts. Teddy and I took the training through Arlington County but they have private lessons as well.


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