September Real Estate Statistics for Arlington, Va

Hi Folks. Here we are with our real estate statistics for September. On average sellers are in the red this month. Total sold dollar volume down 20%, Average sold price, down 7%, median sold price down 11% Average list price for solds down 7%. Before we decide it’s all doom and gloom for sellers and happy days for buyers, note that the greatest decrease was in the 4 or more bedroom attached home (townhouse) category. Down a whopping 48%.The average detached home sales price actually rose in 2, 3 and 4 more bedroom categories. It’s easy to see that in an area where homes are high priced that even one less high priced sale in any category can skew the averages greatly. That’s why when you are pricing your home it’s important to look at the comparable homes. Same goes when you are making an offer on a property. Interest rates continue to rock. It’s a great time to sell. janejensen@comcast.net 571-228-5656septstats-jpg

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