What makes Arlington a world class community?

This video about Arlington, Va. was created a few years ago but is still exceptionally relevant today. I’ve lived here for 25 years and the reasons people cite in this video for loving this community, are the reasons I stay.

Arlington is exceptionally welcoming, diverse and friendly. It’s committed to providing residents with a safe, comfortable environment. Some other things I’ve personally noted is the commitment to the environment, making Arlington, Va. walker and biker friendly, community space, education, art and culture.

As an Arlington, Va. realtor I’ve long noted the different flavors different neighborhoods within our small geography have. And..it’s been interesting to watch various neighborhoods change and evolve over the years. When I moved here the Shirlington neighborhood did not even exist as a town center and Clarendon was a few bars (Remember when Bardos had a car going through their front window?), a Sears and a bike store. Times have changed and almost without exception (I do miss Queen Bee…that fabulous Vietnamese Restaurant) the changes have been well managed and great for the community. I continue to love living here and you will too. What is it that you think makes Arlington great? I would love to hear your comments.


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