Arlington, Va March Board meeting highlights

Items of interest that the Arlington County Board will consider at its March Board Meeting, on Saturday, March 14 and Tuesday, March 17. View the full Agenda, and staff reports.

Saturday, March 14 Regular Meeting

(Note: this meeting starts at 8:30 am with public comment. Agenda Items will be heard no earlier than 9 a.m.)

Parking tickets: The County Manager is recommending that the County Board amend the County’s Motor Vehicles and Traffic Ordinance so that the County can establish a process that will make it easier to get a Court date if your parked car is cited for expired safety inspection, registration or personal property tax decals. Read the Report for Item #14 on the Regular Agenda.

Replacing Wendy’s and Wells Fargo Bank at 2026 and 2038 Wilson Blvd. (in the Courthouse area) with a 12-story office building that will feature ground floor retail, including a rebuilt Wells Fargo Bank. The County Manager is recommending that the Board approve the proposed redevelopment of the two parcels.

If approved, the redevelopment would provide a public plaza at the intersection of North Courthouse Road and Wilson and Clarendon boulevards. The developer has committed to making about $800,000 in contributions to the County’s Affordable Housing Fund (AHIF) and $557,000 toward open space in the Courthouse area, and toward public art. Development rights would also be transferred from the Wakefield and Courthouse Manor apartments, ensuring the historical protection of those apartments, built in the 1930s. Read the Report for Item #27 on the Regular Agenda.​

Tuesday, March 17 Recessed Meeting

At the 3:30 session

The County Board Chair, members of the County Board and the County Manager will report on items of interest.

The Board will honor businesses that have been named Transportation Partners Champions. Champions first launched in 2013, highlighting 31 employers in Arlington County and grew 265% in 2014 to include multi-family and commercial properties.

At 6:30 p.m., the Board will consider any items pulled from Saturday’s Consent Calendar.

View the full Agenda for the Recessed County Board meeting.

Media Contact: Mary Curtius, 703-228-7943

View this release in the County newsroom.

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