Snow Priority List for Arlington, Va or Snowzilla…the Aftermath

If you would like to know if your street will be plowed anytime soon, follow this link….but only if you can deal with the reality. Otherwise, just make yourself another cup of tea (feel free to substitute any of the following: coffee/hot buttered rum/hot or cold wine/hot chocolate…with or without some added fortification…and no I didn’t mean marshmallows but feel free to improvise) and snuggle in for the duration.


Put in your street address and it will tell you if your street is VDOT maintained, is a primary route, secondary route or no route for the county. It’s gonna be awhile for me.

My cul-de-sac is not even on the list. 😦  But it’s a beautiful day for a little shoveling and no, if you were wondering, that big lump is not a snow drift…’s my car. Sigh. IMG_6076